When will I be able to pick my seats for the upcoming season?

Baseball season ticket holders from the 2014 and 2015 seasons will receive an order blank with a seat request form that is due by November 30.

Will there be TIDE PRIDE seating in the new stadium?

Yes. In order to offset construction costs, the TIDE PRIDE seat donation program will be implemented at Sewell-Thomas Stadium. Please review the seat map for pricing details.

What are season ticket prices for the upcoming season?

Please see the updated seating chart. Season tickets will have a base price of $190.00. There are discounts available for UA Faculty/Staff ($152 each, limit of 4) and Senior Citizens (ages 65 & up) at $95 each, limit of 4. The TIDE PRIDE donation (if applicable) will be required for all season ticket purchasers.

When will "new" season ticket requests be taken?

Customers who wish to purchase season tickets for first time may make their request immediately. Allocation of "new" season tickets will occur after all current season ticket holders (from 2014 and 2015) have been accommodated.

How will I be able to select my seats?

Current season ticket holders should return the Seat Request form included in the renewal mailing by November 30. Once submitted, the Athletic Ticket and TIDE PRIDE Office will confirm 2016 season ticket locations sometime in December.

Will I be able to select my same seats from 2014?

Due to the loss of seat locations with the renovations, some season ticket holders will not be able to "renew" their same seats from 2014. However, if your previous season ticket locations are available during the renewal period then you will be able to select the same seats. Any seat changes will be based off Tide Totals priority points.

What sections and/or rows have been lost due to construction?

In varying degrees, the top 3-5 rows of sections EE through PP have either been lost due to the build out of the .525 Club, Suites or Press Box. In addition, a reconfiguration of the lower chair back sections of H through M, are the result of the new Home Plate Club.

How and when do I pay for my season tickets?

Current season ticket holders will receive a renewal letter with an attached order/seat request form. All current season ticket holders may choose the same or similar seats. All order/seat request forms are due by November 30.

Will I be able to purchase more or less season tickets than I had in 2014?

Yes, you will be able to purchase more (limit 8 per customer) or less season tickets than you had previously in 2014.

What will be the expected capacity of the new Sewell-Thomas Stadium?

The new Sewell-Thomas stadium will have a fixed seat capacity of approximately 4,500 seats which are all green chair back seats (no more aluminum benches or bleachers!). In addition to the 4,500 fixed chair back seats, the new Sewell-Thomas will have approximately 2,500 in "standing room only" for a total approximate capacity of 7,000.The "standing room only" areas encompass the Right Field Terrace area, new berm areas along the right and left field lines – near the foul poles, and patio areas along the right and left field lines.

What dugout will Alabama occupy in the new Sewell-Thomas Stadium?

Because of the reconfiguration of all team support areas such as the new indoor facility, locker room, team meeting room and training room to third base side, the Crimson Tide will now occupy the Third Base dugout.

What other elements of the new Sewell-Thomas Stadium should I be excited about?

For starters, the new Sewell-Thomas Stadium will feature an enclosed concourse around the infield sections. The innovative design of the concourse allows fans to enter the main home plate entrance "at grade" from the sidewalk along the corner of Coliseum Drive & Paul W. Bryant Drive. Thus, fans will no longer climb steps behind home plate to reach the concourse.

The covered concourse will feature new rest rooms, concessions, and a sanctuary from the elements.

A newly added outfield gate will allow patrons using the Coliseum parking lot immediate access to the stadium with unique views along the 360 degree concourse.

A family area/children's playground, courtesy of Bud's Best Cookies, will allow families to enjoy time away from the game, and still have a great view of the field!

In summary, the new Sewell-Thomas was designed for all fan demographics to enjoy in the most fan friendly environment possible. Come out to experience the new "Joe"!